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inspiration and info on making your space (your room, apartment, house, etc.) your own
why? :
I'm a 20something artist that moved into an very small, very old house filled with hand me down furniture and decor. So as I struggle to freshen up my small space on an even smaller budget, I figured I'd make a community where people can shares their ideas, info, questions and critiques on making their space their own.
what? :
Want to take a design you love and make it work on a budget? Can't decide which colors to use? Maybe you're trying to figure out how to fit furniture in a certain space? Interested in making your own furniture or accessories? Or looking for ideas on where to start?
who? :
Whether you have your own house, rent an apartment or just a room in someone else's house, whether or not your problem is inspiration, budget or space, whether you're into modern, eclectic, shabby chic or have your own design style... This is the community for you!
tags :
To make this community run smoothly, please use tags and us them wisely. Ie: if you are posting a tutorial on making a modern piece of furniture, use modern, furniture, tutorial as tags. If you're not sure what tags to use, look over the current list.
mods :
This community is maintained by: bombthemoon. I will be looking for mods to help out in the near future, so be active and stay tuned.

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